• EXCLUSIVE live recording

    Every concert performance is unique, the day where music fans can re-live it has finally arrived

    • Find on Appolo professional live recordings of music concerts that you attended.
    • Stream it for FREE on your phone when you're online.
    • Purchase a live recording to listen offline and encourage your favorite artist.
    • Remember songs that was played. Access the songs line up performed during the concert.
    • Get exclusive content from the artist.
    • Automatically retrieve events that you attended

      Your phone will detect the concerts that you show up to

      • Using geolocalisation, Appolo will allow you to access effortlessly the event and artist pages.
      • With the last event button you can trace back every concert that you attended and benefit from all of the Appolo features.
    • Powerful search engine

      Find music concerts that you attended or that you missed with any key words

      • You can’t remember the artist? Don’t worry about it!
      • On Appolo you can trace back each event searching for the date, the street, the venue, the promoter and much more…
    • Discover all about your events

      Always looking on different websites to find the must-have informations for a specific music event?

      • Appolo works for you gathering all pertinent informations on the event and performing artists.
      • It’s not just information regarding tickets price and location. It’s also artist line up, social media activities, professional photos and much more.
    • Find out everything on your artists

      The artist page is a great place to re-live or discover the recent activities and the latest concerts.

      • Listen to the artist latest performances with the Appolo live music recordings. Never miss a show again!
      • Find out where your favorite artist is performing next.
      • Live these concerts again and again.
      • Access quickly their music platforms.
    • All social media activities at one place

      Appolo unleash all social media updates from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a intuitive feed

      • Post on any social media with one unique #hashtag to publish on Appolo.
      • Stop manually adding photos from your phone to social platforms. Appolo detects photos taken during the concert and will share them with your authorization.
      • Get the artist live feed during the event.
    • Connect with fans attending your events

      Find out who attended your favorite events and follow others fans that share the same passions

      • Become an ambassador for fans that's following you and be a reference for the community.
      • Check out concerts that your friends attended and live recording that they listen to.
      • Match with others fans and start a conversation with them.

Helping artists

Managing your live recordings

Fans are looking to remember your epic performances, offer them the Appolo experience.

  • Benefit of a all-in one package that will immortalise the concert with live music recordings, professional photos and exclusive content for fans.
  • Appolo management platform offers you the possibility to add your own photos, add your personal recordings and edit your profile page.
  • Appolo fans community is craving for live recordings, offer them your live performances and make additional revenues selling these recordings.

Engage with your fans

Appolo is all about the music and the social experience for fans that attend music events.

  • Appolo fans are highly engage to their favorite artists and always looking to live the best experience.
  • Offer to these fans a unique access to picture and content and they will go crazy. They will share their experience and your brand with their community.

Offer exclusive experiences

Appolo is the best tool to reach your fans with exclusive content.

  • Share your personal photos, upload professional photos and send personalized message.
  • Before and during the concert, artist can take avantage of the backstage feed as way to share with fans.

Promote your next event

Appolo is the ideal promotional tool for your upcoming events and album/song launch.

  • Don’t spend your hard earn cash on traditional promotional tools. Target the right fan that has ideal music profile for what you’re offering.
  • Find out how we can work together and help you reach new fans.

Merchandise store

During the concert, fans are fully enjoying the moment and often they don’t think of purchasing the artist merchandise. Or they simply just don't want to carry the merchandise to the after party…

  • This is why Appolo is offering artist a great and convivial ecommerce plateform for the merchandise.
  • Follow your sells and adjust your inventory directly on our management platform.

Join us in changing the way fans re-live their events

Promoters | Venues

Appolo is a game changer for promoters and venues.

  • Offer to music fans and artists a enhance event experience for every concert you organize.
  • Showcase your brand with a personalized page that allows you to display the last events and promote upcoming concerts. Synchronize your ticket platform with Appolo.
  • With permanent partnership with Appolo, you can offer live recording service to promoters and artists.
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LIVE Recording

Streaming or selling live recordings?
How does a live recording works?

First step is to sign-up your event for a Appolo experience. Appolo will organise the recording if the venue is not already a Appolo partner offering the permanent recording.

When the event is finish, the set-list with the live recording is uploaded to the artist management account waiting to be approved.

When approved, the live recording is publish in the Appolo event & artist page. At this stage, your live is available for the appolo music community and the fans that attended the concert.


Selling live recording sounds awesome, but what about my label?
Can Appolo help me to obtain my label's permission?

Yes, contact us and we will arrange a meeting with your label


How does the profit sharing works?
When and how I can withdraw my profits?

Getting your money transfered into your bank account has never been so easy. Give us your paypal account or your bank information and let us transfer it directly into your bank account

Appolo will transfer the profits on the 1st of each month. Appolo will complete payments over 25$. If the last month total sales are under 25$, your balance is transfered to the next month .

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